Countries like Saudi Arabia, India and South Korea have more and more mouths to feed but less soil to grow crops on.
The new solution spells land grabbing. Huge, international companies have started to invest in agriculture in developing countries which are rich in natural resources.
An estimated 80 million hectares of agricultural land are subject to land grabbing in different parts of the world, especially in Africa.
Gigantic farms are raising and many people are getting jobs at the foreign farms. But at the same time, nature reserves are shrinking and people are forced to leave their land and homes when the governments sells the soil to foreign companies.
Close to the Sudanese border lies the Ethiopian town Gambella. The Indian company Karaturi are building one of Ethiopia’s largest farms in the region, and Gambella’s nature sanctuaries are becomning rice fields.
Nomads are becoming fields labourers, due to their nature hunting ground is being destroyed.
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