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Photojournalists traditionally travel far away from home to tell stories about exotic cultures far from their own reality. Moment’s photographers now wish to turn their gaze in the opposite direction: to our own home countries, in order to explore our own and familiar environment. Coinciding with Moment’s 10-year anniversary we are planning a sort of road trip through Scandinavia, where the journey is a goal in itself and our ambition is to document Scandinavian identity today. The “road trip” has a mythical place in art and popular culture, shaped by literature, cinema and music. The car has become a symbol of freedom, and the trip a formative journey. In order to address the strain on our environment that the classic road trip requires by burning fossil fuels, we want to travel by a more environmentally friendly means of transportation: The train.

By taking to the road on the train, we want to find out what stories hide in the towns passing by outside the train window. We want to stop, get off, meet people and ask them about their dreams, joys and sorrows. Who are they? Who are we Scandinavians?