Johan Bävman. Vilehelmina, Sweden. June 2012.

Had one of those bad days today. I’ve been spending considerable effort on unnecessary things, and today I felt useless to be honest. Was generally low on inspiration, but also because I was totally lost in the making of the Scandinavian project. It felt like I returned to more traditional journalistic storytelling I’ve been so sick of the last few years. The project should be anything but traditional. When I am not confident enough I always ending up in the my safe mode of expression.

I was in a parking lot wet and tired when I called Åsa, to tell someone how I felt. Åsa listened and pushed me up again. -Now, come on you, I thought. And I was on my feet towards the village.

After ten meters in the direction of the village, I got three pep-sms from both Chris and Eivind. The photo-shot afterwards went super.

Thanks all Moment photographers. Together we are strong.

Hopefully tomorrow brings me new adventure.

/ Johan