Lappland. Johan Bävman. June 2012.

Useful words for anyone who wants to visit Lappland.

The most common used word is the – Oooos ss Ooooo word. The sound you will get when you breathe in air with a shaped puttmun. OooosOoo word are translated to YES.

If you’re going to Norrland you should strive to say as little as possible, Norrläningar cuts last endings in their sentences to grind to say the least possible. But when they say something, it is of great importance and wisdom.

Vart skall ni fara – Where are you going

Pjöller – Talk

Kaffe Hurrah – coffee pot

He – Installing, setting, add

Huvvaligen – ugh

Pjöller in comm commen – talk on the mobile phone

/ Johan