Aron Larssen running/dancing along his car on a street in Narvik. The girls are not out when it rains. So he and his friends chill.

A passing freight train with ore from mines in Sweden en route to the port in Narvik.

Narvik by night.

After a long day of travelling that included crossing the Arctic Circle, I ended up in the port town Narvik: the end of the train line and the farthest north I’ve ever been. In Narvik my colleague Eivind H Natvig was waiting for me with what I needed the most: A cold beer. It wasn’t only the beer that was cold though. So was the weather. And – surprise, surprise: it rained. As it’s been all through my journey so far.

We made fish soup at midnight, and headed out to town to see what was happening. The main activity we found out was on the railroad where long freight trains carried ore from the mines in Northern Sweden to the port in Narvik. Other than the passing trains, there didn’t seem to be much going on – until suddenly we were passed by a car with three guys blasting hip hop music at full volume. After a while the same car came from the other direction and this time the driver jumped out and started running beside it, dancing and making tricks hanging on to his car while the rest were cheering on. Apparently this is what happens in Narvik at 2am. I got to talking with Aron Larssen and Robin Karoliussen, both 18,  and they invited me inside their Golf for some audio therapy. They cranked up the volume to max.  “Hear that?” Aron asked. I sure did. “It’s only 750 Watts. In five days, when I get paid, I’m buying new speakers: 4800Watts – THAT will rock!” I was glad I hadn’t come five days later. – So what do you do here at night, I asked. “We cruise – and look for chicks. But when it rains they’re not out (and it rains a lot) – so we just cruise and chill. Then we go back home and play Call of Duty on the Playstation all night until it’s time to go to school in the morning. Tomorrow we graduate from High School, and after that we’re going to study to become car mechanics. That will be chill – yeah!