Knut Egil photographs the evening dance. Midsummer’s Eve, Gunnarskog, Sweden, 2012.

Åsa changing film and having a conversation with her subjects. Midsummer’s Eve, Gunnarskog, Sweden, 2012.

One main thought with this project was the social experiment of photographers working together. How would we influence each other? What would each photographer see while spending time at the same place? During this trip we have partly travelled by ourselves, as we usually do, but at some points we have come together. Åsa and I met in Sundsvall and spent 24 hours in Åre as you have seen, before she went down with Inlandsbanan and I entered Norway. In Oslo I met up with Andrea and Knut Egil and from there Knut Egil and I took the train towards Arvika to spend Midsummer together with Åsa. I must say I just love being together. All the time you otherwise spend alone, the moments of anxiety in between meetings with your subjects where the head spins. It’s relieving to share thoughts and doubts, grab a beer and laugh together – or just sit in silence, accepting each other’s weirdness. A photographer in the middle of a project is probably very weird to hang out with. At least I know I am. In my most creative mode I would say my attention is split something like this: 40% scanning the area for possible scenes, 30% thinking of what to do next, 20% average brooding and 10% in the conversation. And then you have all the nerdy stuff to discuss. What lenses to use, times and apertures, flash or not, advantages with analogue vs. digital, Photoshop skills. And also to dive into the old moral discussions, things like how much can you influence the situation, what can you show, what can’t you show etc. It’s also very interesting to see how Åsa and Knut Egil approach situations and people. For me it has been intensely inspiring to learn from them. I definitely think it will be seen in my photographs.

– Elin Berge