“Welcome, summer fun” at Ingestrands Camping in Arvika, Sweden. Andrea Gjestvang.

Late working hours at Tobisviks Camping in Simrishamn, Sweden. Andrea Gjestvang.

Leaving for a road trip doesn’t mean you can leave your daily work at home (unfortunately). I am in the process of finishing my first book, and there are important decisions to be made; cover photo, layout, text writing, picture sequence etc, contact with editors. This means I need to jump off the train to find an Internet spot, to answer emails, make phone calls. Nowadays these spots can be found anywhere (though it’s a little harder to find them when you actually need them). So, while I sat down reading through a text with my editor on the phone, the most amazing goodbye was taking place outside, and I could only watch it through the station window. That hurts!

In addition to the practical aspect, it’s challenging to switch your mind and focus from one project to another in short time. As photographers this is something we need to do handle every now and then. Fortunately there will be a new station, another train, a new goodbye.

— Andrea Gjestvang