Lina aka Swede Hurt and young admirers. Plattan, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2012. Elin Berge.

Lina aka Swede Hurt. Plattan, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2012. Elin Berge.

After Moment’s common meeting in Hjo I continued alone to Stockholm. Capitals are hard when you just have 24 hours, so I decided to book some meetings.  I wanted to shoot my cousin and talented journalist Annika – aka Rolling Avalanche – who is a player in the world’s coolest sport, roller derby.  Unfortunately she is also on a road trip, investigating consumer’s culture in the states. But she gave me the contact to the head coach of the Swedish team, Lina aka Swede hurt. “Every player in the states knows who she is”, Annika added, “she was selected to be most valuable player in the first roller derby world cup in Toronto.” I checked her blog out and instantly got excited to meet her.  Tall, athletic and blonde with awesome outfits – like some Scandinavian amazon on skates – and yes, she later told me she is totally playing with that image.

We met at Plattan, Sergels torg and her energy was explosive. She immediately put her roller skates on and started skating around Plattan. And I realized what the influence from the calm photography style of Sune Jonsson has done to me. I had none of those monstrous 300mm to get really close, just the 35 mm and 50 mm. Two equally blonde twins started running after her – and as you can see they had to stand still before I managed to get anything useful. Any skills I previously had in shooting sports seem to be long gone.

— Elin Berge