Johan Bävman, Malmö, 2012-07-12

Sune Jonsson

Sune Jonsson was a great photographer. Most of his pictures was taking where he was raised, in the Norrbottens region the very north of Sweden. His pictures are now a very important factor in understanding how people lived during the northern swedish peasant society.

For a week I traveled in Sune’s footsteps to explore what life looks like today, 50 years later. My pictures are far from Sune’s brilliance, but I think the pictures I took will play a part of the future generations understanding of our times.

Taking photos of the everyday life in your own hometown is the hardest things to do. But I think the most banal and mundane situations valued strongest if you look back at your pictures 50 years later.

I hope to be able to come back and continue document the life in the north in Sune Jonsson’s spirit.

— Johan