I recently attended my first norwegian wedding. Hanne and Paul had a beautiful wedding in Oslo with the wedding party at the fantastic VIlla Eckbo outside the city. In Scandinavia most people want to arrange their weddings in the summer to use the long day and bright night can be fully used for the most important party of their lives. All attractive locations are booked for years in advance during summers. (It’s only shotgun and other more short notice weddings like my own that are held during the dark time of the year – but hey at least we could fire cannons!)

I had been warned by my wife about norwegian weddings being extremely long with endless speaches. In Sweden where I grew up, wedding dinners are very cheerful affairs with tons of songs and spectacle in between the countless speeches. In Norway however there is no singing so there can be EVEN MORE and LONGER speeches. And yes, there were speeches. For 7+ straight hours. They were all great and heartfelt, but it was a peculiar experience – and so when the dinner finally ended at midnight, people were very cheerful and looking forward to the party. Which was amazing all through the bright summer night.

— Chris