I meet Tina with her husband and 3 children on a walkabout with my  camera, ear on alert to, in Göteborg, Sweden.

They have jobs, cars and a party tent to live in. There is no party going on thou. There is homelessness and the result of Sweden´s hard core politics towards poverty and people that have any kind of “red mark” in their payment history.

-We have 4.000 euro in depth, but are pay back every month. This disqualify us from the housing market and it´s impossible to rent an apartment, even if we have jobs.

At the same time the politicians and the community close down camping sighs and shelters for homeless. Hoping that the problem with poverty and homeless disappear. Like ostriches, sticking their head in the sand.

There is over 100.000 seeking apartments in this area now.

-We called the local media about our situation, but they had other things to write about than an homeless family with 3 kids, said Tina. (my own thought is that media suffer of  “fear to publish”)

Next week, on wensday, they turn of water an electricity. Closing down the camping sight.

-We don´t know were to go yet.