Picking bunny food. Photo by Chris Maluszynski/Moment

The bright summer is long gone and now we are mentally preparing for the long and dark winter. – A perfect time to nurture the memories of our common summer project Scandinavian Moments.

It turned out that traveling through Scandinavia by train was not the easiest. Some of us was close to miss Midsummer due to cancelled train departures, others had to go by bicycle for ridiculously long distances. Some just gave up and took the car. And making collaboration between ten individualists, who are all used to being in charge and making decisions for themselves was a real challenge. But we made it.  And we grew as photographers as well as a group while working on it. Scandinavian moments helped us to find our focus and what it is that make us unique. It didn’t at all turn out exactly as planned, but we all managed to do what this project was all about – to investigate the image of Scandinavia.

There are many that want to claim this image. Politicians, companies, communication experts and branding managers of various sorts. And there are many who have an agenda to market created images of Scandinavia. We have not had any agenda but the democratic one. We are free artists who can see what we want to see and then publish it. In this case, thanks to the Norwegian organization Fritt Ord who supported us economically. We just wanted to go out there and see what Scandinavia looks like 2012. We wanted to scratch on the surface of stereotyped images of Scandinavia to see what was to be found beneath.

Now we have collected the result and are going to spend the coming months to put together a presentation. What it becomes in the end is yet for us to find out. But we promise it will be something worth waiting for.


– Moment Agency