Why does the Chinese express restaurant at Røra in Inderøy have a big hamburger on the roof? Burger = Chinese? I’m in Knut Egil Wang’s stomping ground. At Inderøy. No wonder Knut Egil had the urge to move to California when he is raised with a very big hamburger on his doorstep. I’m on the road to shoot Volvo 240, and to take part at the Trondheim Dokumentarfestival. Today I’ve been to Steinkjer to meet Ole Jørgen. He owns a 240 cabriolet. He also owns ten other cars, which are placed nicely around the house. And he owns a Chevy hearse (a funeral car). Why do people want to own these cars? On Monday I was photographing a guy in Voss, and he had two hearses(a Volvo 145 and a Peugeot 504). He also had 148 other cars. Maybe that is an idea. Make pictures of people who drive hearses? Or maybe not. Let’s just bury that idea.


Burger photo by Helge Skodvin/MOMENT

Ole Jørgen and his Volvo 240 in Steinkjer, Norway. Photo by Helge Skodvin/MOMENT