“Mom!!! Put me to bed” says Johanne (9 y.).
An hour later, her father Anders is back from office with the eulogy for tomorrows funeral. From the children’s room on the second floor Johanne and her two siblings hear the sound of a guitar playing and Anders’ voice singing a psalm from the kitchen downstairs.  The soprano voice of their mother Kristines joins in and when a sour note is hit, laughter can be heard through the 200-somthing-year old floodboards providing a lo-fi-filter.  Falling asleep to the kitchen hymns is safe and calming. A new psalm is sung.  Kristine is back from her commute to nearby Nesna and Anders is preparing for a funeral in case the organist will call in sick tomorrow. The parents of three share a few valuable moments together before another hectic day awaits.

The Helgeland coast consist of about 12.000 islands, islets and reefs. Lurøy and Træna municipalities have approximately 2400 of them whereupon the Norwegian Church have scattered 12 churches and chapels in this parish. This is the world of Anders Rosland, the pastor who together with various interim pastors conducts about 100 services for the coastal residents in these isolated communities. A world set in an area of such beauty that words and photography are insufficient.

“Come, for everything is done” Anders Rosland says in a clear, calm voice while presenting communion wafers to the parish on a small silver plate. On his right side is the ever present friend; almost family member and houseguest, Martin Alvin Thorsen offering the silver cup with the sacramental wine.
“This is the body” says Anders.
“This is the blood of Jesus” Martin follows.


An excerpt from a long term story I am currently working on is presented as a 22-page spread in Norwegian bi-monthly magazine Plot throughout December/January.

 – Eivind Natvig


Photos by Eivind Natvig/Moment