Three years ago, almost to the date I was bored with photography. After wrapping up assignments in Qatar and Dubai the mattress on the floor of my shared apartment in Dhaka was a sanctuary.  Pounding traffic outside, millions and millions of people everywhere. A wonderful place to hide and an exotic place to shoot images, yet the assignments had left my eyes tired. After a week of reading books and staying indoors, it was time to find a cure, a reason, a single photograph.

To stir it up and push the brain some, the comfort-zone had to be abandoned and pinhole was to be the medicine.

Four days of shooting three years ago was shown norwegian writer and poet Gro Dahle who got inspired and wrote. Without any captions. without any knowledge about the background, she wrote 43 poems.

Right before christmas we got the good news that Arts Council Norway will buy 1000 copies of our little collaboration born from visual boredom. One thousand books to be placed in libraries and schools across the country.

– Eivind Natvig


Photos by Eivind Natvig/Moment