The hometown of Moment’s photographer Elin Berge, Umeå, is going to be European Capital of Culture in 2014. For this occasion eight Umeå photographers have initiated a collaborative documentary project called Us and them (VODA). The photographers will work independently with their own projects, but under the same question at issue: Who sees and who is being seen? The photographers of the Us and them (VODA) project will depict life from two perspectives. From the outside through the professional photographer’s eyes, and from the inside through the eyes of those who the story is about.  Elin Berge will work with self-portraits. She will invite people in Umeå to come to her studio to photograph themselves, under her guidance. The Us and them (VODA) project have now been granted finances from the Umeå municipality’s capital of culture committee and will be presented in Umeå 2014.

Benedicte Stendal Hansen, Umeå 2013.