In Østfold, eastern Norway, this week. The big farm Alby has a history dating back to Viking times, and is also housing the gallery F15. Alby has a barn that was considered for the exhibition of Edvard Munch’s paintings. Currently F15 is exhibiting “Munch Moss” (Moss is a small town in Østfold), one out of countless Munch exhibitions in Norway these days. On the wall there are printed quotes from great artist who seemingly preferred Moss before Oslo! In a glass case there is this holy, white painted chair. The museum claims that the lucky visitor can actually see the armchair used once by the one and only Edvard Munch (with 94% certainty.) Because it exists a photograph showing him in such a chair. Unpainted, to be correct. The ultimate “building myths” behind glass.

– Oddleiv Apneseth