Spare time is not a new cultural invention, God also took a day off after a hard week´s work. Much later the industrial revolution led to the invention of the weekend. Since then we have mostly kept shortening our work hours. However, we seem to keep ourselves quite busy no matter how much spare time there is. Statistically, Norway has more spare time than any other European country while the neighboring country Sweden is more like average – at least by European standards.

So, how do the Norwegians spend all this spare time? And would it be possible to see any difference between the two Scandinavian countries? With these questions in mind I set out on a road trip, a part of Moment Agency´s group project Scandinavian Moments.

Ironically, it turned out that most people I came across were working. And those who didn´t, are they representative for the Scandinavians in general? I think some of them are. They are doing their things, often quietly, privately, surrounded by lots of space.

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Photo by Knut Egil Wang/Moment