Martin von Krogh has together with Clas Elofsson filmed TV3’s new TV series “Mauro and Plura interrailing“. A different kind of travel and cultural program with two of Sweden’s most famous musicians, Plura Johnsson and Mauro Scocco.

The series is filmed with the Nikon D4 and Nikon Optics, a choice that was carefully thought out for its high quality and adaptability.

The two musicians interrail in France, testing food, meeting people and playing music. The dialogue is slow and anything but an ordinary travel program.

The series has been received very well in Sweden and viewing figures increased in the second program that where broadcasted. There will be 8 episods during January and February. The series runs Saturdays at 22:00 on TV3 which is one of the major tv channels in Sweden.

This is one of the world’s first TV series that are completely filmed with DSLR cameras (Nikon D4).

Take a look behind the scenes.

Photo by Martin von Krogh / MOMENT