The project “Summer’s sheerest light ” is about violence against women and children, the despair, the darkness and the vulnerable situation, but also about commitment to help. It all takes place somewhere in Sweden, maybe close to you.

Stories of women whose lives are marked by destructive relationships, arranged marriages, honor culture, fear, isolation, powerlessness and insight on how vulnerable the individual is despite shelters, judgments in the District Court and other government interventions. For the children, growing up is very precarious. We live in a society where victims of violence and abuse must hide while the perpetrators often go free. It is a life where they rarely think beyond tomorrow and where the threat of further abuse is always present. It has taken great courage for these women to break free from violence, to report those that made their lives unbearable.
The project also called BOM gives women days of freedom and joy, where they are offered excursions, summer camps and recreation. Women and children can network and loneliness has been dispelled for a short moment of time. The BOM-project has been run by the International Women’s Rights Association in Malmo, Sweden. The mothers and children that have joined  the project are living protected from their men. They live in women shelters and on secret addresses.
I have had the women’s trust to go with them to secret women summer camps. And because of their trust I was able to do anonymous documentary shots on these amazing women and children who gathered on beautiful places in Sweden were they do not belong.
Together with the writer Lars Åberg and Women´s Rights Association the project have been documented and printed in a book, “Summers sheerest light”.
You can order the book by sending an email to
- Åsa Sjöström
Photo by Åsa Sjöström / MOMENT