It’s a bit unreal to see work you have devoted many years to in print for the first time. It feels like no publication can do justice to years spent getting to know a place and its people. My story about Rockefeller Road – the place upstate New York where John D Rockefeller was born has just been published for the first time – in DN Lørdag – the weekend magazine of norwegian Dagens Næringsliv. On my last trip to Rockefeller Road in December I traveled there with writer Eskil Engdal, who wrote the piece for DN. It was not an easy task, but he did an excellent job in capturing the mood of the place and the character of the people. It’s rare these days that a daily paper can devote 12 full pages to one story, that doesn’t even have a news angleand the only celebrity involved lived in the 1800’s.

Chris Maluszynski

If you read norwegian, you can read the story here.