We are still incredible proud that the Swedish documentary photographer Sune Jonsson agreed to become honorary member of Moment, some years before he passed away. Our meeting with the great master, on the porch of the Jonsson couple’s summer house in Brattsbacka, in the surroundings where he shot the famous photographs that became the classic book “Byn med det blå huset”, is something we will remember forever. Sune’s wife Stina served us white wine and home made sandwiches. And we sat around him, like children on Christmas Eve, listening with big ears when he spoke of his photography.

Today we want to pay attention to a new book released by the publisher Max Ström, designed by Patric Leo and made in close collaboration with Sunes widow Stina and the Västerbottens Museum, where his archive is held.

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Albert and Thea Johansson, Nyåker, Nordmaling 1956. Photo by Sune Jonsson. Picture from Sällskapets Sune Jonssons Vänner.