Every year the students of photojournalism at Mid Sweden University give away the ”golden photo vest” for best role model of the year of swedish photojournalism. It honors someone who they think inspire and are important for the development of swedish photojournalism. This year the honorable golden vest was given to Moment/ Institute photographer Åsa Sjöström. The students motivation speech was held at the award days at the Swedish picture of the Year award 2014 and follows below:

”We, who are the students of Photojournalism here in Sundsvall, do not not only need lectures and exams. Above all we need role models and inspiration. Therefore , we share this year, for the fourth time our trophy; the golden photo vest.

Previous winners are; Håkan Humla at Sundsvalls Tidning, Lars Dareberg at Sydsvenskan and Moa Karlberg at Magazine Republic. We are inspired of course by all of you who have won awards today, but despite that there are more talented photographers than prices it is always someone who is missing. Especially now when permanent positions at newspapers are becoming fewer and competition is harder, it is sometimes difficult for us students to keep up our hope. But thankfully we have role models who have made their way from becoming redundant from a major newspaper and still continue to work with what they are passionate about, but as a freelancer.

This year’s winner, has after ten years as a staff photographer, now started to work hard on her own and shown us that it is possible to survive in the freelance jungle.

Therefore the golden photo vest 2014 goes to photographer Åsa Sjöström!”