A couple of weeks ago I decided to attend the Femen Spring Boot Camp that was held in their headquarter in Paris.
I have had contact with Femen Sweden -Jenny Wenhammar who I pictured for a feature article in GP a couple of months ago. She was going there so it trigged me to go as well.
The spring camp was a 3-4 day media event and at first I was a bit skeptic and booked my flight the same morning as I left. Usually I try to avoid media events.
But the days at the Femen Headquarter was both interesting and intriguing.

Femen use their bare breasts, slogans and their main tactics are to use the media attention, without the media their message would not be heard.

-We are not here to please anyone. Keep your fists shut and never smile, shouts Inna Shevchenko, member and leader of the Ukrainian Feminst protest group Femen.

Femen aims are radical and their naked attacks are visual and an activists body becomes the tool towards the hatred for the patriarchal order. Their bodies and bare breasts are their weapon. But a demonstration can never be held without a cameraman, the media is an important link to spread the word of Femen activists to ensure maximum coverage.

Inna Shevchenko dries her breasts before writing her slogan for a demonstration in Paris.