When the brilliant comedians/actors/authors Sven Björklund and Olof Wretling from the humor collective Klungan (and national radio show “Mammas nya kille” and TV show “Ingen bor i skogen”) contacted me for an assignment I immediately said yes. Everything they do is genius. They had this idea that they would travel around the large and beautiful but barren Västerbotten County, in northeastern Sweden, to collect the region’s recognized oral storytelling – by horseback.  And they wanted me to photograph the whole thing. With the Grimm brothers in mind, they hoped to find Västerbotten’s own Snow White or Red Riding Hood. The result is, of course, absolutely hilarious. And it is with pleasure I find myself as a real name character in the book.  Did you know that I usually arrive to assignments in a chopper, dressed in wolf fur? Or that I have an Anders Petersen-complex and would want to undress you as soon as I pick up my Leica and Tri-X? Well, now you do. Unfortunately it’s only available in Swedish. But for those who understand this fine language: get a copy and laugh your heads off.

– Elin Berge