I have had the pleasure of working together with the incredibly gifted and inspirational composer/singer Frida Hyvönen in several projects.

When I began my self-portrait project that I call Selves, she was one of the first I invited to visit my studio to portray herself, because I could trust that she would do something that would make the project grow. I adore this image that we made together. It makes me think of the theatrical performances in front of the camera, signed 1930’s artists like Claude Cahun or Leonor Fini.

I used this photograph as one of four examples when I searched for participants to Selves and I’m sure that it altered several. Just now, it’s included in the show VODA – Us and them, where I exhibit the first result of the project that I intend to keep working on for some time.

I liked this photograph so much that I thought it would be fussy to keep it all to myself. So me and Frida made an edition that is for sale. Send me and email at elin@momentagency if you are interested in purchasing your own.

“Frida Hyvönen self-portrait” by Elin Berge/Frida Hyvönen.
Signed: by us both
Technique: Giclée fine art print
Size: 18×24 cm
Edition: 16/16
Price: 400 €
Shipping: Sweden 7 € (1-3 days). Europe/rest of the world 16 € (4 days – 2 weeks)

– Elin Berge