For the second time Moment photographer Åsa Sjöström has been awarded an honorable mention at Unicef Photo of the Year Award 2014. This year for her work ”Borderland Children”.

Thousands of children grow up without their parents in the Moldovan countryside. Some villages have turned into ghost towns and children sing:

”At home in the valley where apple and quince grow a child picks peonies and waits, waits for someone to come home”

– I have been traveling to Moldova several times since I first arrived in 2005. In april 2014, I went back after eight years of absence. I saw an opportunity to come back to Moldova, when the world put its focus on the Ukraine crisis. Moldova was almost the same as eight years ago, only with tall buildings in Chisinau, but less people wandering the streets. The countryside was still breathtakingly beautiful but poorer than ever. The roads are wide but still without traffic. I aim to continue returning to Moldova to keep reporting on Europe’s poorest country, says Åsa Sjöström.