Moment photographer Åsa Sjöström was awarded 2nd prize in Daily life singles, in World Press Photo with the picture of the two boys Arthur and Igor.
She was earlier awarded a third prize in the portrait category at
And that same picture was awarded a first prize in portrait category in Swedish Picture of the Year Award.
The picture was taken in rural Moldova, while covering the situation for children growing up in a country were their parents often have to leave the country in order to survive.
Some parents move abroad and the children might never see them again, some parents work for a couple of months and then travels home for a short period of time, and then off again to find somewhere to work.
The young boy named Hugh Jr, after an english missionary who also gave him the policeuniform, showed me the graveled road between his house and his grandparents house, were he spends his time when his parents are away for work. The dog in the background is his best friend and followed Hugh every step he takes, except when the cat showed up.