The 12 of April 2015 Elin Berge released her new monograph Kungariket (the Kingdom), with pictures from Thailand. The book is a follow-up to the previous work Drottninglandet (the Land of Queens, 2009), that was shot in Västerbotten County, north Sweden.

The work presents the artistic result of a deep investigation of the marriage migration phenomenon from Thailand to Sweden. Elin Berge narrates how Swedish men and Thai women meet and get together – under forms other than the romantic ideal of unconditional and poignant love – and how they establish themselves in a foreign environment. A topic that affects people’s most intimate affairs and additionally covers deep, normative conceptions about what is right and wrong.

Kungariket also includes a CD with music especially composed for the project, signed the celebrated Swedish musician Frida Hyvönen.

This weekend, Elin Berge and Frida Hyvönen had their first public presentation together at the international literary festival Littfest in Umeå, where Hyvönen played the Drottninglandet/Kungariket music live for the first time.

Read more about the projects here.

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