The 2nd volume of Norwegian Journal of Photography (NJP) was released in Oslo last Friday. NJP is an initiative by Fritt Ord in Norway aiming to bring Norwegian documentary photographers closer together and make Norwegian documentary photography reach a wider international audience. Over a two-year period 8 photographers have been working on individual projects. The photographers are: Ivar Kvaal, Jonas Bendiksen, Terje Abusdal, Anne-Stine Jonsbråten, Margaret M. de Lange, Tomm W. Christiansen, Mathilde H. Pettersen and Moment´s own Knut Egil Wang. Along the way they have been guided by the NJP editors Espen Rasmussen, Laara Matsen and Rune Eraker.

The book is published by the Swedish publisher Journal.In the first volume of NJP three of Moment´s photographers took part: Eivind H. Natvig, Oddleiv Apneseth and Helge Skodvin. A third group is now selected: Kyrre Lien, Adrian Øhrn Johansen, Tommy Ellingsen, Tonje Bøe Birkeland, Morten Andersen, Rebecca Shirin Jafari, Ulla Schildt, Eirik Brekke og Camilla Jensen.

Moment congratulates NJP#2 with a job well done, and wishes NJP#3 the best of luck with their projects!

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View Knut Egil Wang´s NJP project «While Waiting for the Big One» at INSTITUTE.

Photo by Knut Egil Wang/moment/institute. Cover photo by Jonas Bendiksen/magnum.