mia farang0084Photo by Elin Berge/moment/Institute

It´s been a few years, and due to some healthy transitions Moment is again ready to include new members. We have redefined us as an agency and as a group, albeit still true to our core values.

Moment is a diverse group of photographers working with a wide range of subject matters and visual languages. We all have our individual careers and priorities, as well as group initiated projects. These mutual efforts have not only resulted in beautiful books and exhibitions, they also bring us closer together, with the added benefit of professional discussions and inspiration.

The times are changing and in 2014 Moment made a move away from the traditional agency model and signed an exclusive deal with INSTITUTE for Artist Management who now manage Moment as a group and the photographers as individuals. Moment itself has no paid staff but is run by the members, through an annual general assembly, a board and two directors. It is expected for all members to be involved and partake.

If you are interested in becoming part of Moment there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first is to trust yourself and not pay too much attention to the text that follows. What we love is to be blown away. To be surprised. To see who you really are and how you convey the world through your camera, be it a small story from your neighborhood or a story of epic proportions.

What are we looking for in applicants? The obvious answer is and will always be visual talents. People who master visual narration and use their skills constantly. Productive members, but also individuals who narrate stories with their own voice. Individualists who dont wait to follow, but who lead. Photographers who deliver complete photo stories.

We are and will always be a small and tight knitted group, and we expect new members to enter our small tiny community wholeheartedly, with commitment. Moment is our job.

We are individualists and expect the same from new members. Daring photographers. Bold colleagues. People who understand the value of creative and professional collaborations. If you are looking for a passive agency to stock-sell your stories, Moment is not the place to go. But if you are searching for a group of dedicated colleagues to move forward with we are eagerly expecting your submission.