Photography by Elin Berge/MOMENT/INSTITUTE, Artwork by Martin Hultman.

Most Swede’s have left the countryside for the comfortable life in the cities. But there are people that are willing to do the hard farm work: the Thai’s. Their inland is also changing and most need to leave home to find a better life. The Swedish farmer Mats-Åke struggles to keep his farmstead alive, together with his Thai fiancee and her seasonal working relatives. One of those is the strong ladyboy Pinit who graze the cows as at daytime and rules the dance floor at night and dreams of finding a Swedish boyfriend. At a farm nearby lives Thongluk, who left a violent husband to start a new life in Sweden. On the top of a hill some miles away stands a huge Buddha statue, that belongs to the Thai buddhist monks living in a temple in the middle of the woods. The countryside is no longer what it used to be. A new Sweden is taking shape. In the Land of Queens we get to meet three characters with universal dreams of love and a better life. And a place where no one can afford prejudices.

The third part of Elin Berge’s work the Land of Queens, the documentary film with the same title, will have world premier at Way out West film festival, Gothenburg.

The film is directed by Elin and her brother, author and film maker Lars Berge and the music is composed by artist Frida Hyvönen. Produced by Stina Gardell at Mantaray Film.

Where: Hagabion at Saturday 15th of August at 13.30.
Tickets: Free for all who visit thematic festival Way out West.