Remember the first time you tasted what is now your favorite food? Maybe an oyster, or a hamburger. It probably initially tasted weird, unknown, intense. For a split second. And then it hit you. It overwhelmed you. You instantly knew. This is it. Suddenly it felt like home. Like it had always been there, and now it became part of you.

That first time. It gets increasingly rare with age. At Moment we just experienced it again. It happened during the process of studying the many applications that we received after our recent call for submissions. Today we are proud to introduce one of these photographers as a new member of Moment.

Initially confusing. Intense. And then the images hit you like the heat when you enter a sauna. Overwhelming.  It´s the rare kind of photography where you just have to see another one, and another one, and when you think you recognize something,  you are thrown into yet another surreal scene from daily life, one you’ve never seen before. Not like this. The photographs reveal a neverending curiosity and love of people, a joy of the absurd and surreal. And a quest for defining oneself. A determination to never letting go of that youthful lightness, carelessness and joy of getting oneself into weird, wonderful places. Into the rabbit hole, or that divy karaoke bar. Intensely looking, living – and as a byproduct, telling.

We immediately recognized Juuso’s work as the kind which Moment is made of. It simply found its home.

Welcome Juuso.


Read more about Juuso, see his portfolio and stories on Moment’s website

Photo by Juuso Westerlund /Moment/INSTITUTE (Juuso Westerlund)

Karaoke Nation by Juuso Westerlund /Moment/INSTITUTE