Finally! We have been looking forward to this day for weeks and months.

Photographers are photographers for so many different reasons. Aestethics and personal style are sometimes more striking than whatever message is supposed to be conveyed. In some photographers´ images, however, you are immediately there, among the objects in the middle of their lives. There are no barriers, no filters that you as a viewer need to break through to get to the essence of their struggles, their joys or their longings. It is the ultimate photojournalistic achievement; getting close enough to capture those fragile moments and being able to pass it on to the viewer without adding or removing flavour, being clever.

Today we are overly excited to introduce a new member that possesses those rare skills: Marie Hald from Denmark is now a Moment photographer.

Welcome Marie!


Disco Divas Disco Freestyle is a modern dance form mixing aerobics with dancing and jumping. In Denmark the sport is extremely popular especially to adolescent girls. Hundreds of girls journey to gymnasiums all over Denmark to dance in competition and in the end with the hope of become the National Champion of Disco Freestyle. (Marie Hald/MOMENT/Institute)

Disco Divas by Marie Hald/MOMENT/INSTITUTE