Last week I was honored to open an exhibition and give an artist talk at Lofoten international photo festival along with my Moment colleague and fierce viking heroine Elin Berge. I presented my work Jackpot for the first time ever and Elin gave an excellent talk about her superb work The Land of ¬†queens, which was also shown there.There are a lot of great photo festivals all over the globe but I’m guaranteed that none of them surpasses this when it comes to the scenery. And I’ve seen quite a few places. I arrived to Lofoten in the evening, so the first thing in the morning when I looked out of the window it felt I’ve woken up in the Middle earth. It is just freaking beautiful. The mountains rise from the sea and the villages are disgustingly cute. Driving around the roads makes you feel like you’re in a car commercial.

We also went climbing one day with Eivind. It wasn’t the tallest mountain but still a mountain. I must say I felt pretty powerful and manly when we reached the top and watched the view.

All in all it was a great time, super interesting artist talks and finally I got to meet other Moment photographers in person for the first time.



Eivind from the series: Heroic Moment photographers on top of a mountain.