We are proud to announce Almost Perfect by Moment. A new Moment group project in photography and film, that is currently in the making.

The goal with the project is group exhibition at Sune Jonsson Center for Documentary Photography, Umeå, Sweden, in October 2018. The exhibition will then go on tour in the Nordic countries, and internationally.

In the project Almost Perfect we intend to explore the polarized images of our home countries in six unique and photographic projects. These will take a starting point in characteristics often associated with the Nordics, such as equality, individualism, secularism, appearance and the ways of relating to each other and nature.
We have recieved grants from The Swedish Art Grants committe and Nordic Culture Fund.



In November the six photographers Elin Berge, Knut Egil Wang, Eivind Natvig, Chris Maluszynski, Juuso Westerlund and Marie Hald met up for the third workshop of this year to work with curator Susanne Fessé. We are looking forward to sharing the exhibition with you! Keep you posted.



Skærmbillede 2017-11-17 kl. 17.15.04