Yesterday a master of words passed away. I was lucky to get a chance to photograph Philip Roth in his apartment in New York some years ago. You never know what to expect when meeting with someone of this caliber, and Roth was famous for eating journalists for breakfast. Hid not eat me however. Instead showed great patience while I looked for the perfect light all over his apartment, squeezing him into dark corners.

Remembering my meeting with Roth I sent the pictures to the editors of Dagens Nyheter yesterday as soon as I heard the news. Today I received the result. First as a PDF. And then my colleague Elin who read the paper Рon paper Рsent me pictures of the printed paper.

There really is something about words and pictures in print. Philip Roth would have known that as well.

Thanks Philip, Elin and the great editors at DN.

image002 image001