Friday the 15th of June photographers from Moment agency and curator Susanne Fessé talks about the project Almost Perfect in Helsinki!
The event is happening at Kino Andorra  from 19.00-22.00.

Almost Perfect is a project [currently a work in progress] in photography and film by the Nordic photographers collective – Moment. In collaboration with curator Susanne Fessé and supported by Fritt Ord, Nordic Culture Fund and Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

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     ‘In One Hundred Years All Is Forgotten’ by Eivind H. Natvig


In Almost Perfect six artists explore the polarized images of the Nordic countries in six individual photographic projects. Each project takes a starting point in one or more of the traits that we see as defining for the Nordic societies: equality, individualism, beauty and style, secularism, social democracy, nature romanticism. Each artist interprets their chosen theme in light of these key values to reflect today’s realities in the Nordic countries.

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     ‘The awakening’ By Elin Berge

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  ‘Beginning of the Party’ by Marie Hald
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