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Moment is proud to present Almost Perfect


Almost Perfect is a project in photography and film by the Nordic photographers’ collective Moment, in collaboration with curator Susanne Fessé.


In Almost Perfect the six photographers from Moment will explore the polarized images of their home countries in six unique photographic projects. Each project takes a starting point in one or more of the traits that we see as defining for the Nordic societies: equality, individualism, appearance, style, secularism, the welfare state and our connection with nature. Each artist interprets their chosen theme in light of these core values to reflect today’s realities in the Nordic countries.


The first exhibition on the tour is Sune Jonsson’s Center for Documentary Photography, Umeå Sweden, opening October 20th 2018.

On October 18th the seminar “Perfect Nordic” where the artists will give artist talks and debates will also take place at Sune Jonsson’s Center for Documentary Photography.


The six series are:


In One Hundred Years All Is Forgotten by Eivind h. Natvig



Children of Paradise by Juuso Westerlund



Awakening by Elin Berge

Awakening press image



Jante by Knut Egil Wang



Beginning of the Party by Marie Hald




Framgångsfrisyr by Chris Maluszynski



Fore more information visit:



Project leader: Elin Berge,  tel. +46 70 538 91 98
Press: Marie Hald,  tel. +45 42 37 07 27  & Matt Shonfeld, Institute Artist tel. +44 780 967 8830


Almost Perfect is supported by Fritt Ord, Nordic Culture Fund and Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Skærmbillede 2017-11-17 kl. 17.15.04KON_swed_arts_grants_committee_standard_600dpi