Johan Bävman

The strength lies in being in a group.

Johan Bävman. Vilehelmina, Sweden. June 2012. Had one of those bad days today. I’ve been spending considerable effort on unnecessary things, and today I felt useless to be honest. Was generally low on inspiration, but also because I was totally lost in the making of the Scandinavian project. It felt like I returned to more traditional journalistic...

Polar Circle

June 2012. Johan Bävman. Reach the polar circle and the midnight sun. And I saw my first reindeer on the trip. Tomorrow will the train take me to Vilhelmina, hopefully I get to meet more of these animals. They are crazy fun for a kid from the South. / Johan

Not much time for pictures.

Help! I became a little bit to over-ambitious when I planned my six days trip trough Sweden. /Johan

Travel light.

Equipment, Malmö, Sweden, June 2012. Johan Bävman I have learn from my mistakes from the past. This is how slim my camera gear became. Or should I leave the second camera at home?  I probably will figure that one out while traveling. / Johan

Preparing for the Outskirts

Preparing myself for the upcoming start on Sunday. The night train will take me to remote areas in northern Sweden, first stop Gällivare. Just borrowed a folding bike from my good friend Lars Dareberg, which should get me around in the countryside. Do not know how many miles I’ll go before the mosquitoes eat me...