On the Road
It looks like Sweden

It looks like Sweden

But it is not, it is Torben Andersen (in Denmark). And there I came across my cousin Pål.
Now: Sports

Now: Sports

My career as a sports photographer has not yet rocketed. I like photographing sports though – when kept on a reasonable level. I realize that the Polaroid SX-70 might not be the ultimate sports camera. And I stlll struggle a bit with technical issues at times.
A roadside flirt

A roadside flirt

Another advantage of being together with Åsa and Knut Egil is that we have gotten involved in each other’s projects to the extent that we actually try to scout people and situations for one another. Suddenly I see “Fika” and “Spare time” moments everywhere. And they see blondes.
Literally end of the road

Literally end of the road

After an amazing week of being on the road and travelling some 3000 miles (or 4500km) on countless trains, a few buses and ferries, and a good deal of bike paths, I finally arrived at the end of the road - litteraly. The island where I live outside Oslo has no roads, and only a...
Working back to back to back

Working back to back to back

I have had the pleasure to work and travel with Åsa and Elin for a few days. I knew they both were fine people and fine photographers, but I had no idea it could be such a great experience to actually work with two other photographers at the same location. Since there is a chance...
First Goodbye

First Goodbye

Linda: Call me tonight, will you? Louis: I will call you in two minutes.
Crazy in love

Crazy in love

I first saw Therese and Per-Anders at the dance floor at Gunnevi dansbana. They were the only twenty somethings in the middle aged dancing crowd. Most of the younger ones were outside, hanging around their cars at the parking lot, drinking, flirting, fooling around. They were dancing, holding each other tight, looking intensely into each...
Midsummer at Gunnevi

Midsummer at Gunnevi

Sandra and Sander at Gunnevi Midsummerdance. 23 june Gunnevi, Arvika, Sweden. Åsa Sjöström. Felicia and Maja at Gunnevi Midsummerdance. 23 june Gunnevi, Arvika, Sweden. Åsa Sjöström. Repairing the car in the fields at Gunnevi. 23 june Gunnevi, Arvika, Sweden. Åsa Sjöström. After taking pictures for a week with my rolleiflex (except for the pics on...
Hips in Pieter's house...

Hips in Pieter’s house…

Moments from the meeting in Pieter’s house… -Oddleiv Apeneseth
Oh no not Jehovah's Witnesses again!

Oh no not Jehovah’s Witnesses again!

Knut Egil Wang, Jehovah-Moment, somewhere between Arvika and Gunnarskog. 22 June 2012. As you already know Elin and I are traveling together and a couple days ago Knut Egil joined us in Arvika. We really had a blast and enjoyed some small town midsummer celebration in Gunnarskog (GunnarForest) it was an alcohol-free celebration with a...
Trouble with the Epa tractor

Trouble with the Epa tractor

Knut Egil. North of Arvika, June 23, 2012 This is a Mercedes 300 D. Read more about this phenomenon and see Johan’s story here > — Knut Egil

Reality check.

Last night me and Eivind took our bikes from Leksand to the small village Västanvik, 5km outside town. Leksand in itself looks like something a tourist board could only dream about. The winding road took us through blooming fields, along mirror-like lakes into yet another level of reality – or what it more seemed like...

Norrland, I’m in love with you

It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting on the night train back to the south of Sweden. I leave Lappland with the sun on my back. The forest is disappearing outside the window and a greater view of the open landscape is visible. The houses are closer and the sun has gone down for the day. In...

Have a foot in each ocean, if you dare.

When our project started, I was thinking; if there is any place to photograph in Scandinavia, it has to be the sea in the outpost of Skagen, at the very north of Denmark. This part of Scandinavia is fantastic. Sand, sand, sand in kilometers and miles of coast. The two seas Kattegat and Skagerak meet...

The essence of Sweden

Midsummer Night, Leksand, Sweden Take all things swedish – put in a large pot. Boil for 364 days under tight lid. Wait for the sun to come out – And serve on Midsummer Night in Leksand, Sweden. -Chris

Moment from Gunnarskog 3.

Yvonne. Gunnarskog, Sweden, 2012. Elin Berge. – Elin Berge

Moment from Gunnarskog 2.

Åsa Sjöström, Fikamoment with Felix and Lucas at Gunnarsbo, Arvika Sweden. 22 june 2012. //Åsa

Moment from Gunnarskog 1.

Gunnarskog, Sweden, June 22. Knut Egil.  

Praise to not working alone

Knut Egil photographs the evening dance. Midsummer’s Eve, Gunnarskog, Sweden, 2012. Åsa changing film and having a conversation with her subjects. Midsummer’s Eve, Gunnarskog, Sweden, 2012. One main thought with this project was the social experiment of photographers working together. How would we influence each other? What would each photographer see while spending time at...

This is Odd

Vigelandsparken, Oslo, torsdag 21. juni 2012. Knut Egil. I felt so lucky when I found Odd sitting half naked on a rock in the middle of some bushes in a hidden corner of The Vigeland Park. He is glowing a bit more than I can recall. He reminds me of some of Trent Parke’s images...

Some hips from Simrishamn-area

Simrishamn-area south/east Sweden. Oddleiv Apneseth. June 2012. I was lucky to be invited to italian Marta Chiccionesis studio at Ravlunda and work with her and her family for hours yesterday. She is an international scenographer – now working with the local theatre in Sinninge and preparing the scenography for a theatre in Helsinki. Her studio was an adventure of masks...

Entering Dreamland

Night train from Narvik to Gävle. Chris Maluszynski. June 2012. During the four days of my quest for the mythical Scandinavian summer night, I have only seen constant rain and cold. Not exactly living up to the ideal so to speak. Sure, the light has been beautiful, and the kids have been partying in spite of...

Useful words

Lappland. Johan Bävman. June 2012. Useful words for anyone who wants to visit Lappland. The most common used word is the – Oooos ss Ooooo word. The sound you will get when you breathe in air with a shaped puttmun. OooosOoo word are translated to YES. If you’re going to Norrland you should strive to say as little...

Together we search

Finally Elin and I met up in Sundsvall. She always inspires me and immediately she pushed me to start taking pictures. Yes, there was this lovely old man sitting by himself chewing on a yellow-paper-wrapped-Marabou-Mjölkchoklad (Marabou milk chocolate is another swedish crawing) drinking coffee and maybe the picture came out good. Elin said her pizza...

End of the line.

Aron Larssen running/dancing along his car on a street in Narvik. The girls are not out when it rains. So he and his friends chill. A passing freight train with ore from mines in Sweden en route to the port in Narvik. Narvik by night. After a long day of travelling that included crossing the...