Almost Perfect by Moment

Almost Perfect by Moment

  Press release   Moment is proud to present Almost Perfect      https://almostperfectproject.com/   Almost Perfect is a project in photography and film by the Nordic photographers’ collective Moment, in collaboration with curator Susanne Fessé.   In Almost Perfect the six photographers from Moment will explore the polarized images of their home countries in six...
Artists talk: Nordic Moments

Artists talk: Nordic Moments

Friday the 15th of June photographers from Moment agency and curator Susanne Fessé talks about the project Almost Perfect in Helsinki! The event is happening at Kino Andorra  from 19.00-22.00. Almost Perfect is a project [currently a work in progress] in photography and film by the Nordic photographers collective – Moment. In collaboration with curator Susanne Fessé...
Marie Hald opens exhibition at Fotografiska

Marie Hald opens exhibition at Fotografiska

Last week Marie Hald’s exhibition ‘A New Me’ opened in the Swedish Museum of Photography Fotografiska in Stockholm. The works is an inside look at the famous weight loss camps in USA. The exhibition will be there until September 2nd 2018. In the company of struggling people, the forces of nature pulsate between magnificent pink rocks...
Marie Hald - artist talk at Lofoten International Photo Festival

Marie Hald – artist talk at Lofoten International Photo Festival

Lofoten International Photo Festival opened last week featuring photographers as Corey Arnold, Henrik Saxgren, Lou Lou D’Aki and Moment’s Marie Hald. Marie gave an artist talk friday night in the little town of Kabelvåg where the festival was housed. http://www.lofotenfotofestival.no/  
Eivind H. Natvig and Marie Hald exhibit in Viareggio (Lucca)

Eivind H. Natvig and Marie Hald exhibit in Viareggio (Lucca)

As a part of the travelling exhibition of European Photo Exhibition Award – ‘Today I am a human’ and ‘The Girls from Malawa’ will be on display from October 15th until December 11th at the Villa Argentina in Viareggio (Lucca).
Marie Hald nominated for Unicef Photo of The Year 2016

Marie Hald nominated for Unicef Photo of The Year 2016

Marie Hald's project 'The Girls From Malawa' has been nominated for Unicef Photo of the Year. The winners will be announced in Berlin, December 2016.
Åsa Sjöström covers sextremism

Åsa Sjöström covers sextremism

A couple of weeks ago I decided to attend the Femen Spring Boot Camp that was held in their headquarter in Paris. I have had contact with Femen Sweden -Jenny Wenhammar who I pictured for a feature article in GP a couple of months ago. She was going there so it trigged me to go...
Thinking of Syria

Thinking of Syria

I was reviewing old pictures and found a photograph I took in Syria at the old market in Homs in December 2008. I was there with the writer Andreas Ekström and at the time we lived in Homs. We visited the old market, which was a magical place. The markets magnificent light were shining from...
One of Moment's founders awarded The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism

One of Moment’s founders awarded The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism

Roger Turesson, one of the founders of Moment Agency was today awarded The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism as “Storyteller of the Year” for his work on the Roma in the streets of Stockholm. He shares the prize with writer Josefine Hökerberg. They both today work for Dagens Nyheter. Congratulations Roger – you’re an inspiration...

Scandinavian Moments on Emphasis

Please support us on Emphasis – a project collaboration by the photographers at MOMENT agency! http://emphas.is/web/guest/discoverprojects?projectID=693

Call for submissions: Deadline approaching

We remind those of you interested in applying for membership, that deadline for appplications is June 1st. To qualify for membership, you must either be Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian or Danish) or based and working here. More details in the Call for Submissions. We look forward to reviewing all the great work submitted!

Elin Berge interviewed in Diena TV

Moment photographer Elin Berge and celebrated musician Frida Hyvönen talks about their collaboration with the Land of Queens in Latvian Diena TV. Watch it here

B&H Interview with Moment Agency photographer Andrea Gjestvang

Read B&H Interviews with Andrea Gjestvang here

Interview with Elin Berge in FK Magazine

Moment photographer Elin Berge’s exhibit The land of Queens  at the Latvian Museum of Photography. Now you can read a interview about her project in FK Magazine

From the road: Chris in Iten, Kenya

I just returned to Nairobi after two days with Dagens Nyheter’s Africa correspondent Erik Esbjörnsson in Iten, working on a few stories about the town and the runners. Iten is a small Kenyan town that has produced more world champion runners than any other place on this planet.The combination of high altitude, extreme motivation (winning a...

The making-of

Don´t miss moment´s photographer Johan Bävman in action in Ethiopia, Behind the scene movie from the story about Wild coffee in Ethiopia. Filmmaker Ulf Miers made a “making of” film about Moments photographer Johan Bävman and GEO´s reporter Ines Possemeyer when they went to Ethiopia on assignment for magazine GEO. Watch it here   

Ethiopian wild coffee by Johan Bävman

For decades, big companies have bought land and planted bushes of coffee in Ethiopia, in order to gain as much profit they can of the soil. As a consequence, the wild coffee, that grows in trees, has become more and more rare. But the exploding western coffee trend has made the wild coffee desirable. So,...

Land grabbing in Ethiopia by Johan Bävman

Countries like Saudi Arabia, India and South Korea have more and more mouths to feed but less soil to grow crops on. The new solution spells land grabbing. Huge, international companies have started to invest in agriculture in developing countries which are rich in natural resources. An estimated 80 million hectares of agricultural land are...

Elin Berge at Latvian Museum of Photography

Elin Berge at Latvian Museum of Photography The exhibition The Land of Queens by Elin Berge is continuing its tour. The Latvian Museum of Photography will be the fifth institution to show it. Between April 5th to May 5th 2012, in Riga. The Land of Queens is collaboration between Elin Berge and composer Frida Hyvönen,...

Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism

Andrea is selected to exhibit at the 3rd Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hannover, Germany, June 13th – 17th. This year the jury selected 60 photographers out of nearly 1200 applications. The festival takes place every 2nd year, and in 2010 Moment was represented with four photographers among the exhibitions: Chris Maluszynski, Thomas Lekfeldt,...

New tearsheets

Åsa’s story “Witchcamp” was published in the weekend magazine of the Swedish Newspaper Sydsvenskan. According to Unicef, women all around the world are still being accused of using witchcraft. Åsa visited the alleged witchcamp of Gnani in northern Ghana, which is home to more than 200 women and even more children. The women accused of...

Moment awarded three times in Picture of the Year Sweden

Åsa Sjöström and Pieter Ten Hoopen received three prizes in the Swedish Picture of the Year Award. Åsa won 1st prize in the category Daily Life in Sweden with a photography of Annette, who is suffering from cancer and spending her last days in a hospice in Malmo, with her boyfriend Dragan sleeping beside her....

Tearsheets: You Are Here

Eivind’s long term project Your Are Here was presented in the Norwegian magazine Syn og Segn. Eivind has been travelling around his homeland for the past two years, searching for another Norway: Not the traditional beauty of fjords and spring-images of blonde girls, but the beauty of daily life and dull realities. Frames stolen from...

Land of Tractors

There is probably a thousand places on earth I could have lived, at least for a while. But one of the very few places I really would have loved to live is Jæren, Norway. Not only because of the fresh air from the ocean and the seemingly endless fields only divided by carefully built stone...

New tearsheets

Johan’s Albino series was published in the Chinese magazine Spring Breeze.