Eivind H. Natvig (b.1978) is a Norwegian photojournalist widely published in both Norway and abroad. He has been dividing his time between assignments around the world and long-term personal projects in South-Asia since 2006. From 2011-12 he has been on a self-imposed ”sabbatical,” has rented out his home to live on the road and produce a large-scale project about the beautifully mundane in his home country of Norway. Natvig is passionate about pursuing stories that try to bring new perspectives to viewers. He investigates untold subjects and finds people whose voices would not ordinarily be heard in the media. He works hard to not reinforce stereotypes through his photography, but strives to add layers of visual and emotional information based on cultural knowledge and understanding. Eivind sees photography as a means of discovering new points of view, and tool for conveying the experiences common to all humankind. His visual language is deeply rooted in documentary tradition and journalistic method, yet attains an uncommon photographic freedom. The loyalty is always with the story.

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